Stream@UNGA: Can the ‘misinformation pandemic’ be stopped? | The Stream

Stream@UNGA: Can the ‘misinformation pandemic’ be stopped? | The Stream

Fighting pandemics has always been fraught with challenges but, according to the United Nations, efforts to defeat the coronavirus could be thwarted by a particularly modern threat: viral misinformation.

The World Health Organization calls it an “infodemic” and says a huge amount of lies about the virus are being spread on social media. Some of the most prevalent falsehoods going viral are about the hunt for a vaccine. That is of particular concern, officials say.

In an effort to push back, the UN has partnered with First Draft News to launch ‘Verified’ – an initiative aimed at amplifying factual information about the pandemic.

In this episode of The Stream, we’re joined by a panel of experts to learn just how harmful the spread of misinformation has been and to find out how people all over the world can join the fight to debunk it.

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