Joe Trippi on Trump vs. Biden: The State of the Race


The veteran political strategist shares his perspective on the 2020 campaign.
Chapter 1 (00:15 – 42:58): State of the Race
Chapter 2 (42:58 – 1:10:59): What To Expect
What is the state of the presidential race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden? How might decisions such as Biden’s vice-presidential pick and campaign events like the conventions change—or not change—the race? What possible moves might we expect from the Trump and Biden campaigns as we head toward the fall? In this Conversation, veteran Democratic strategist Joe Trippi shares his perspective. When Trippi appeared on Conversations in March of 2019, he predicted (against conventional wisdom!) that Biden would prevail in the Democratic nominating contest. Now, while highlighting challenges and potential unknowns in the race, Trippi argues that the dynamic that helped Biden in the primaries—the view that Biden can make government work and tamp down civil tensions—likely will help him in November, as well.