‘I hope they die’: Leftist ideology is tearing America apart

‘I hope they die’: Leftist ideology is tearing America apart

A flurry of bullets sprayed into a parked police patrol car in Los Angeles, peppering the bodies of two officers on Saturday night.

One of the deputies – a mother of a six-year-old child – was hit in the jaw.

Her young partner, just 24 years old, took several shots to his chest and arm.

With blood pouring from her face, the 31-year-old deputy sheriff managed to pull both herself and her partner from the car and use her radio to call her help.

The attack took seconds but their nightmare was not over at the scene of the ambush.

Videos soon emerged of bystanders laughing and mocking the officers as they fought for their lives.

“N***** just aired the police out,” one man said, while turning to the camera with a disturbing grin on his face.

“That’s crazy. Damn. It goes down in Compton.“

“’It’s going up. Somebody bust on their a**. Somebody bust on the police. Two sheriffs shot in the face. Two sheriffs shot in the face – they tripping.”

If those words were hard to read, perhaps don’t read the next few sentences in this article.

Protesters – upset with what they describe to be “systemic” police racism – attempted to block the ambulance from reaching the emergency room.

Chanting “I hope they f****** die”, they formed a human barricade to delay aid to the critically injured officers.

Their goal was to allow both people to bleed to death before they could reach an operating theatre.

Thankfully, both survived, but their story has become a tragic manifestation of social justice rhetoric infecting America.

In the fallout of the unprovoked attack, Los Angeles County sheriff Alex Villanueva told media ambushes against police were on the rise.

He’s not wrong.

This year alone nearly 40 US police officers were killed on the job.

Eight of those killed were victims of an unprovoked ambush, according to FBI statistics.

It does not take the greatest intellectual to conclude why some Americans are so hostile towards police.

The issue is with the effective, but ultimately ignorant sloganeering of violent activists of groups such as Black Lives Matter.

To be clear. Not all BLM supporters are violent, but by claiming that the entire police force is systemically racist, people on the radical fringe have been incited to the point of violence.

There have been enough assaults and murders during these riots to make the above assertion an indisputable fact.

If a person decries “systemic” racism it does not allow for a particular racist policy or person to be pinpointed.

A systemically racist police force is, by definition, a broken system which cannot be fixed.

Hence the attempt to “defund the police” and move the funds instead into black communities.

The logical extension of that ideology is that every police officer is culpable and collectively guilty of crimes against African Americans.

How can they not be guilty? They are part of the system.

This claim is of course ridiculous, baseless and, of course, dangerous, but it has bred a new social media slogan, ACAB – All Coppers are Bastards – which is perpetuated by many of the more extreme BLM protesters.

The Democrats are complicit in this dangerous lie.

Joe Biden himself released a statement calling the latest police ambush as “unconscionable” but couldn’t help himself from a subtle dog-whistle to those who would argue the police are also violent.

“Violence of any kind is wrong; those who commit it should be caught and punished,” Mr Biden said.

Of any kind? What a strange thing to say.

In June – as the protests were heating up – Biden could have helped calm the nation.

Instead, he perpetuated the baseless lie that America is systemically racist.

He was asked “Do you believe there is systemic racism in law enforcement?” by US broadcaster Lawrence O’Donnell’s.

His response: “Absolutely, but it’s not just in law enforcement, it’s across the board. It’s in housing, it’s in education, and it’s in everything we do. It’s real. It’s genuine. It’s serious.”.

It is not fair to say Biden is to blame for the shooting – any more than it would be to blame President Trump for the actions of radical right-wing activists – but voters may not be so generous.

Democrats were using the riots to hurt President Trump and now they’ve lost control of the narrative.

If Biden wants to win – he must stop repeating dangerous social justice rhetoric.