#292 Roy Den Hollander’s Murder/Suicide & His Connections To The Deep State And Jeffrey Epstein


#292 Roy Den Hollander’s Murder/Suicide & His Connections To The Deep State And Jeffrey Epstein

Roy Den Hollander becomes the latest dead body that is linked to Jeffrey Epstein.

The attorney suspected of shooting Judge Esther Salas’s son and husband is being portrayed as a misogyny-crazed “anti-feminist,” but there seems to be more to the story, including links to the Deutsche Bank case Salas was hearing.

Roy Den Hollander, found dead of an allegedly self-inflicted gunshot wound in a car in the New York Catskills on Monday, has been fingered by authorities as the primary suspect in the shooting of Salas’s son and husband at their New Jersey home on Sunday.

The alleged motive for Den Hollander coming to murder Salas’ family was that five years prior she had ruled against him in a case. The evidence on the bitterness Hollander towards Salas is scant. There is at least fair indication that the two of them had a bit of a flirtatious vibe. It would seem a bit of a stretch that Hollander would have sufficient motive to go on a murder/suicide spree with Salas’ family, and um, the fact that she is hearing a case about the Deutsche Bank and Epstein money-laundering.

Meanwhile, the approved propaganda media from CNN covers the story like this.

They took a fresh angle on this development and blamed the murderous desire of Hollander on his racism and sexism. Because CNN thinks those two things explain every problem in the world. More importantly, they expect you to buy it. They don’t really connect how Hollander’s sexism and bigotry relate to his own suicide. However, if we were forced to put words in their mouth, they probably think he killed himself because sexist bigots could only live in a perpetual state of the sads. Oddly enough, or perhaps completely predictable, CNN does not mention at all that Salas is hearing a Jeffrey Epstein case. Huh.

And CNN certainly doesn’t mention Hollander’s connections to Wall Street and the Deep State.

Not mentioned in the sensationalistic media coverage of Den Hollander’s past is the lawyer’s stint with Kroll Associates, a shadowy firm with ties to US and Israeli intelligence. Known informally as the “private CIA,” Kroll’s ranks were stacked with former agents of the CIA, FBI, Mossad, and MI6. A member of the Bush family sat on its advisory board before that was dissolved in 1991, and then-Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton hired the firm during his first presidential campaign that same year. Den Hollander officially worked for Kroll from 1999 to 2000, but given that the company has long worked closely with lawyers, his relationship with it may have begun (or continued) in an unofficial capacity.

Given that Judge Salas was assigned to a lawsuit by Deutsche Bank investors against the firm less than a week before her son and husband were shot, Kroll’s connections with that bank are also noteworthy – and absent from any media speculation on Den Hollander’s motives.

After leaving Kroll Associates in 2008, founder Jules Kroll launched Kroll Bond Rating Agency, a credit rating agency that has become something of a second home for high-ranking Deutsche Bank staff, employing over half a dozen VP-level and above staff. The cozy “revolving door” relationship has seen KBRA vociferously defend Deutsche Bank in the press against allegations of wrongdoing – no matter how well-founded.

The suit in Salas’s court alleged the bank had failed to vet “risky” clients like Jeffrey Epstein, the notorious (and now deceased) pedophile suspected of having his own rather extensive ties to Israeli and US intelligence.

According to Vanity Fair, Kroll himself was hired by newspaper baron and Israeli spy Robert Maxwell – father of now-imprisoned alleged Epstein madam Ghislaine Maxwell – to uncover “people out to get him, to destroy his empire, to cripple him financially, and to destroy his life and business in any way they could.” Maxwell died under mysterious circumstances – also officially declared suicide, despite considerable evidence to the contrary – before he could compile the “memorandum of suspicions and unexplained events” he planned to send Kroll, the magazine claimed.

In my opinion, the Deep State is getting a bit sloppy. They need to get a bit more original with how they take care of their liabilities. If they keep this up, even the normies will pick up on the pattern recognition. Robert Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, Ron Den Hollander, and oh, in an under-reported story:

Thomas Bowers, head of the firm’s Private Wealth Management Division from 2012 to 2015, was discovered hanging from a rope in his New York home before Thanksgiving, just as FBI agents were hoping to interview him about the loans he’d approved to Epstein and his various shell companies.

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